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Located in Highlands, Texas Junior's Smokehouse is owned by Junior Forrest, and has been family owned and operated since 1990. Junior's secret recipes is what makes folks come back for more time after time. The summer sausage is one Junior is most proud of, after 3 months of developing and many pounds of meat, Junior finally got the recipe and taste he was looking for. We have developed all the recipes we use at Junior's Smokehouse. Junior got his traits from his mother. His Mother loves to cook and never follows recipes, She just knows what she wants it to taste like. You just have to understand different meats, grinds, procedures to come up with good food.

No one can do Beef Jerky like we do Jerky. We use our own procedure with the help of fresh spices. We gladly help anyone with the recipe for jerky, BUT not the procedure. That is the secret. Our beef jerky is what has made us famous and is the best tasting you will find anywhere.

We use USDA meats and specialize in in summer sausage, hamburger meat and beef jerky. We use vacuum packing on all products, tenderize all steaks, and make packages the size you ask for. We process each animal individually, not mixing with others. We package and freeze for pick up. Once you try the great flavor of our products, you will keep coming back for more.

Ever heard of a German Fajita.... Its a link of Junior's Smokehouse sausage wrapped in a warmed up flour tortilla. OH Man....Good! Junior's Smokehouse staff is available to take your order. Our cutting room will carve out your steaks to perfection as they have for years. Come On down and give us a try and Junior will also love to share some cooking recipes with you.

Hope to see you soon!



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