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Here at Junior's Smoke House we take pride in our products and services. Once you try us you will be coming back time after time for more. To place a order please stop by, call us or use this online form to order a head a time and we will have your order ready for you.

 Deer & Hog Processing

    Deer $80.00
    Hog $80.00
    Deer or Hog with Hide (we do not cape out for mounting) $115.00
    Link Sausage  $3.95 lb.
    Pan Sausage $3.75 lb.
    Boned out meat for Hamburger $0.75 lb.
    Beef for Hamburger $4.25 lb.
    Pork for Hamburger $4.25 lb.
    Summer Sausage (10 lb min.) $5.50 lb.
    Beef Jerky (5 lb min.) $9.25 lb.
    Smoke Stix (10 lb min.) $5.50 lb.
    Jalapenos (15 lb. min.) $0.60 lb.
    Cheese (15 lb. min.) $0.60 lb.

Products for Sale

    Beef and Pork Sausage - ( 4# Bag ) $17.00 Bag
    Summer Sausage $10.50 ea.
    Pan Sausage $4.80 lb.
    Hamburger Meat $4.75 lb.
    Junior's Smokehouse Bacon $6.00 lb.
    Thick Sliced Bacon $5.00 lb.

Our Famous Beef Jerky and Extras

    Beef Jerky (1/2 lb.) $20.00
    Beef Jerky (1 lb) $36.00
    Smoke Stix $10.00 lb.
    Smoke Stix (Jalapeno and cheese) $11.00 lb.
    Cheese Moon $6.00 lb.

We process every day!    
Drop-off time is 9am - 5pm    
For more information, to schedule a service
or place a order please call:    
281-426-2929 or just stop on by.      

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